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Hickman Mills C-1 School District

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Pie Graph Freshman Center & Smith-Hale
  • Currently, the Freshman Center has an enrollment of 380 students yet has a capacity of 1700 students which will accommodate the move for Smith-Hale.
  • Smith-Hale Middle School will move to the Hickman Mills Freshman Center building. The two schools will continue to act as independent facilities.
  • Each school will have their own dedicated secured entries, administration offices, and media centers.
  • Dedicated passing periods for each school so that grade levels will not be in the corridors at the same time.

Additions and improvements include:
  • Addition of Four Classrooms
  • Site & Roof Improvements
  • Restroom Renovations
  • Interior Painting
  • Weight Room & Locker Room Renovations
Baptiste Educational Center & Administrative Center
  • Relocate Compass Program and expand up to 450 elementary students into Baptiste.
  • Establish a Welcome Center for new students and parents enrolling in HMC-1.
  • Consolidate Central Administration personnel to one location.

Elementary Schools
Each elementary school will be evaluated based on a list of priorities, and each school will receive various improvements as needed. Schools include Burke, Dobbs, Ingels, Johnson, Santa Fe, Symington, Truman, and Warford.
  • Site and Roof Improvements
  • HVAC Improvements
  • Restroom Renovations
  • Ceiling Replacements
  • Interior Painting

Featured Architects

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Community Endorsements

  • The Hickman Mills C-1 School District community is showing their support for the no tax increase bond. Current endorsements include:


    • Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
    • South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
    • John Sharp, former City Councilman for the 6th District
    • Hickman Mills Educational Foundation
    • South Kansas City Alliance
Last Modified on April 26, 2016
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