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Hickman Mills C-1 School District

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  • Students, parents, and teachers must maintain the following standards to remain eligible for the school choice program.

  • Teacher Commitments

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    • Sponsor/co-sponsor at least one extra-curricular/co-curricular club per semester (STEAM Connection - Critical thinking, creativity, spatial reasoning, etc.)
    • Participate in scheduled PBL/STEAM-specific professional development beyond standard district requirements
    • Demonstrate expertise in STEAM education components
    • Planning volunteer opportunities for parents
    • Minimum of weekly correspondence home beyond newsletters (phone calls, personalized e-mails, etc.)

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  • Student Commitments

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    • Academic growth (Reading and Math scores must be no more than two years below grade level)
    • Attendance (94% or higher- no more then 10 absences per school year)
    • Positive behavior (No more than one discipline referral resulting in OSS per semester)
    • Club membership (Each student will participate in at least one club per semester)

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  • Parent Commitments

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    • Parent/Guardian must volunteer 15 hours per semester outside of normally required time commitments
    • Commitment to maximizing your child’s attendance, including timely arrival (94% or higher- no more then 10 absences per school year)
    • Support your child academically with homework and assignments
    • Support the efforts of the school's PTA
    • Respond to weekly school and teacher communications
    • Purchase device insurance for iPads ($20 per child and/or $30 per family)

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