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Hickman Mills C-1 School District

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  • HMC1 is "Future Ready"

    As a participant in the ConnectEd initiative HMC1 is building the capacity to provide our students with the tools they need to personalize and digitize their learning experiences. We have taken the Future Ready pledge and are committed to following the Future Ready Framework. The 5 Year Strategic Plan aligns with all of the "7 Gears" that make up the Future Ready Framework. With Student Learning at the center and Empowered Leadership as the driving force we are well on our way to providing our students with the skills and tools they need to succeed in their future.


    Responsibilities of HMC1 Technology Department:

    Student Learning - Provide students with the tools needed to personalize their learning, develop 21st century skills, be college and career ready and responsible digital citizens.

    Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Aligned with standards, research-based, and enriched through authentic, real-world problem solving curriculum that leverages the power of online resources to insure all learners succeed.

     Use of Time - Student centered learning that adapts to meet the needs, pace, interest, and preferences of the learner

    Technology, Networks, and Hardware - The infrastructure that supports digital equity, quality and availability of technology tools, resources, data and supportive systems that increase teaching opportuities and promote efficiency.

    Data and Privacy - Sound data governance policies are in place to ensure that educational professionals have the resources, trainings, and services available to build their awareness and capacity for data-informed decision making.

    Community Partnerships - The district leverages digital communication, online communities, social media, and digital learning environments to advance the district's learning goals with the local and global community.

    Professional Learning - As a Future Ready District HMC1 provides technology and digital learning that expands access to high-quality, ongoing, job-emedded opportunities fpr professional learning for teachers, administrators, and staff throughout the district.

    Budget and Resources - The transition to digital learning requires strategic short-term and long-term planning. The 5 Year Strategic Plan reflects the alignment of this vision with the financial committment to see it through.

    Empowered, Innovative Leadership - HMC1 leadership has a proven, shared, forward-thinking vision for digital learning. We are building a culture of collaboration, innovation, capacity building, and empowerment where high expectations for evidence-based transformations to digital learning are taking place.


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